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When I should replace my memory card?

How to avoid memory card failure in the future?

We can help you recover your photos or other data from a failed memory card or USB thumb drive; however, this article was written to help you avoid data loss in the future. Share this useful information with others you care about.

Flash media devices can sustain only a limited number of write and erase cycles before failure. Mid-range flash media under normal conditions will support several hundred thousand to several million cycles, although write operations will gradually slow as the device ages. This should be a consideration when using a flash memory card for professional work, such as photography, recording studios, or even inside of your Android mobile phones and tablets.

The most common cause of data loss or a failure of flash media is the removal of the flash memory device while data is being written to it. Another cause is internal power fluctuations, wear or ageing.

Consider replacing your flash memory at least every 1-2 years to achieve better reliability.

If you use a DSLR camera or just any digital camera with a removable lens, we strongly suggest that you do not let your battery drain below 25%, as at that level, you never know whether your camera’s battery is running at a true 25%, 10% or less capacity while trying to drive the auto-focus, take a shot and also process and record the image, especially, when the raw images are used. This leads to memory card corruption as a result.

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