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We have been helping individuals and businesses way before Google introduced reviews to public.

data recovery reviewsSince the year of 2004, Capital Data Recovery Inc has been the reference for data recovery services.
Without much hype and marketing campaigns, through spending countless days and nights researching and mastering this unique and absolutely complex field of data recovery, we have quietly served thousands of customers: government, large and small businesses, and individuals, earning us high reputation, great, loyal connections and amazing clients many of whom became friends.

Data recovery is a scientific field, where we learn, research and constantly develop new methods, techniques and contribute to data recovery science through challenges that sometimes appear to be impossible; however, we have proven that quite often the impossible can be turned into possible through hard work, countless hours, effort and personal dedication to each and every project.

At Capital Data Recovery we strive to provide the highest quality of services possible and we would really appreciate if you could leave us a 5-star feedback on Google+ for the services we provided.

Universite du Quebec recovery

It was an emergency. Hundreds of employees had to be up and running by Monday morning. We sent the hard disks to Capital Data Recovery who worked over the weekend and kept me informed all the time. These people did everything to help us get our files. Everything was recovered 100% but we couldn't get our files back because no courier would work on Sunday. We downloaded Exchange files from Capital's FTP. That was the most critical data we needed. The rest of the files were shipped to use overnight on Monday. No employee noticed a problem when they came to work on Monday. Everything was running the way it was before. We, technical people know what it takes when such disaster occurs. My satisfaction with Capital Data Recovery is 110%.

You can trust with confidence

Years of proven track record and hundreds of saved from bankruptcy companies, ranging from small businesses to large Government organizations are just a few to mention.

Capital Data Recovery was fantastic to work with and helped my business recover all it's critical data from a complicated raid configured hard drive system that had severe problems. Very comprehensive and professional approach from start to finish. Thanks again for saving our valuable business data!

Sometimes the impossible is possible, and Capital Data Recovery proved this by restoring 100% of our data, which we feared had been lost for ever. Capital Data Recovery successfully recovered all data from a failed 4 drive RAID 5 array, of which: One drive was physically missing, 2 drives were completely failed, and the third drive was 70% failed. To make matters even more impressive, the recovery was performed over Christmas, proving to us the dedication to their work and customers is truly world class. We highly recommend Capital Data Recovery for all your emergency data recovery needs.

Capital Data Recovery team provided excellent and professional service in retrieving sensitive data that was urgently needed. He delivered the recovered data ahead of what was scheduled. Capital Data Recovery met and discussed the nature of the problem and offered clear insight into what steps were taken and how they recovered the data, and assisted in ideas on how to prevent such errors in happening again. They courteous and professional expertise are highly recommended. On behalf of Health Canada, thank you for your assistance.

I appreciated your professional approach and explaining matters to me in language I could understand. My computer is much faster with the new hard drive, and I am pleased with it and the clean-up you did on my computer. Thanks for "going the extra mile". You did a great job.

Many many many thanks for a 100% recovery of my crashed hard-drive including over 2 years of family pictures of our 2 young children. After taking the drive to a recommended and very reputable data recovery company and after a few weeks having them indicate that "all was lost" I turned to you for a second opinion. Even though I indicated there wasn't an urgency, you worked on the drive from the moment I left it with you and within 2 days you had recovered 100% of the data. Thank you for your perseverance and expertise, I will recommend you if someone suffers the same bad luck. Thanks again you are a savior.

Capital Data Recovery did an excellent job of recovering data off our raid hard drives. Backups were not current, and it was looking like this company would very well not survive the loss.
This will get the company up and able to invoice again. Also, we will now get a proper disaster recovery plan in place for them.
Considering the alternative, this is a very inexpensive service to use and I would recommend it to anyone with mission critical data that appears to be lost.

The excellent service that I received from Capital Data Recovery allowed me to acquire my most valuable pictures that were stored on my defective drive. All their staff is very friendly and took our concerns very seriously. It is with all my trust that I am recommending their services to everyone I know who needs data recovery.

It is quite apparent that you are first class, and it's a pleasure to deal with you. I wish everyone I deal with is as honest as you are.
You truly are an amazing Data Recovery Company, and I hope all potential customers know this!

A big thank you to the guys at Capital Data Recovery who not only managed to save everything salvageable from my destroyed hard drive, but did so with a commitment to customer service I can only recommend.

I appreciate your great work! Your services are superb and affordable, and your business philosophy will pay off in the long run. Great service! Highly recommended!

Thanks to the quick and professional service provided by Capital Data Recovery, what could have been a disastrous hardware failure was merely a setback. I quickly received current files so I could continue my work, and the rest of my archives followed later, which enabled me to restore my files. I highly recommend Capital Data Recovery.

With no hesitation, I can tell you that your assistance provided us with essential information which has helped us more than we can describe.
You have given us the information which has helped us get so far ahead in the past 2 months. We will recommend your services with every opportunity to do so. Thank you once again.

I would like to thank the staff of Capital Data Recovery. Being of professional software developer I felt much embarrassment to experience a hard drive failure without a backup. And with months of work on the drive I was also very worried. Dealing with Capital Data Recovery was a pleasant experience. I found them to be knowledgeable and efficient. They were able to save all my data and restore it to another hard drive, so I was up and running again as soon as I put the new drive into my laptop. This kept downtime to a minimum with no lost data. Thank you Capital Data Recovery.

Thanks Capital Data Recovery Ottawa for the hard drive recovery! The church is very pleased with the quick turn around and service provided. Not only were you able to get the critical database files, but you went the extra mile and recovered other important folders/documents you thought we would need and indeed we did! We’re very thankful and God Bless you!

I've received the DVD today. Everything looks good. I've had the opportunity to use your services in the past as well. I'm very much impressed with the quality of the service, timeliness and hassle-free commitment. You're my first choice for any kind of data recovery. Please keep up the good work.

I'd not been as diligent as I should be backing up to the network, and then my hard drive crashed. Capital Data Recovery was able to recover 3 months worth of work for the price of 3 days worth of work---all done in 48 hours.

Thank you again for your help. I am very pleased with what you were able to recover for me. Being a student and a newlywed, there was a lot on the hard drive that was important to us. You were very patient, informative, understanding, and kept me at ease throughout the whole process. I hope that this never happens again, but I know I will call you if it does, and I will recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone that has this happen to them.
I honestly cannot thank you enough.

You guys rock! There is nothing else comes to mind. Superb customer service! You work with heart! Friday morning our computer stopped working and we called an IT consultant. He diagnosed the hard drive failure stating that there was something mechanical and the disk needs to be sent for data recovery. Friday night the drive was sent to Capital Data Recovery Saturday delivery. These guys worked over the weekend and overnight to get our data back to us. Monday morning we had all the data back. By 12 p.m. we were up and running! The hard drive was sent to us by bus courier that goes Ottawa-Montreal, as no other courier would work on Sunday. This is amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

(Wedding pictures before giving to the client)
I would like to formally thank you and your staff for your efforts over the last two weeks. Despite my impression that my data would be unrecoverable, your undying faith that everything could be recovered paid off in the end.
Thanks for you persistence, your daily updates and 100% data recovery rate!

Thank you for the excellent service! You have recovered 7 years of pictures and videos of our kids and family. We sent our hard disk to local company and were told that nothing could be restored due to some mechanical damages. We decided to try our luck again and sent the disk to Capital Data Recovery. We know what your team had to go through to get our pictures and videos back to us, and we are grateful to you for not giving up and being with us till the end! Your attitude is above belief! Your kindness and willingness to help is unbelievable. You take job personally! You feel it and understand the client! I can go on and on. I will definitely recommend anyone who would ever need your services.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the fantastic service and support. I have worked with many companies over the years. Your customer service and support is above the rest. I am pleased to say I would definitely continue to use you guys in the future. There is no level to the type of support Capital Data Recovery provides. If you have a question or need support you can call or e-mail them at anytime, no matter what king of problem it is. The Capital Data Recovery team goes above and beyond the call of duty. Everything is recovered! Great job! Very kind people! THANK YOU!

We had a RAID 5 Exchange Server failed on us. Unfortunately, the last backup was 8 days old. I called Capital Data Recovery and felt I was talking to professionals who really know what they are doing. It was an emergency. Hundreds of employees had to be up and running by Monday morning. We sent the hard disks to Capital Data Recovery who worked over the weekend and kept me informed all the time. These people did everything to help us get our files. Everything was recovered 100% but we couldn't get our files back because no courier would work on Sunday. We downloaded Exchange files from Capital's FTP. That was the most critical data we needed. The rest of the files were shipped to use overnight on Monday. No employee noticed a problem when they came to work on Monday. Everything was running the way it was before. We, technical people know what it takes when such disaster occurs. My satisfaction with Capital Data Recovery is 110%.

I just wanted to send an email to you to thank you for your recent kindness and generosity. After my father spent hours video taping my best friends wedding he accidentally deleted the file containing this 'unretrievable memory'. Until, by a strike of luck, my father found your organization in the Yellow Pages.
Initially, the cost to recover the data was estimated to be in the thousands! However, from my understanding you understood our circumstances and offered to recover the wedding video free of charge. This gesture has been an overwhelming and generous service that will allow us to enjoy our "recovered" video for many years to come.
A wedding is a special day that only occurs once in a life time and it would be devastating not to have this on video. On behalf of myself, my family and my friends I would like to thank you for your kindness and generosity. We will truly cherish this miracle video forever! Thanks again!!!

My name is Nancy and Chris did a video of my wedding (August 19). It was such a beautiful day and a wonderful memory. A perfect day.
Chris did such a great job, he didn't miss a moment. He was so disappointed when some data was lost but he never gave up and I know he put a lot of work in behind the scenes. He spoke very highly of you and your efforts in retrieving our wedding video. I was estatic to hear that it was actually possible. I want to express my deepest appreciation in your efforts and professional abilities. You made something that was lost to us and only left in memory become found. We watched the video with family and friends and many were enlightened and thankful to have this sentiment.
Thank you so much for retrieving or beautiful memory that we can now have friends and family who could not make the wedding witness and my husband and I can revisit as well.

Great thanks for the rapid recovery of family's vacation photos. I was very impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the service delivered. They understand the importance of your loss. For me there is only one data recovery company and it's Capital Data Recovery Inc. Highly recommended.

Lost and recovered memoirs. Kanata. Capital Data Recovery was able to salvage all of the data off our hard drive, which had a mechanical failure (it was vibrating and humming). Their service was skillful, fast and professional. Thank you! I would highly recommend them for your data recovery needs!

I would like to thank the Tech under your employ by the name of Karen. He was most professional, helpful, patient, informative and went way above and beyond the call of duty showing a concern for my questions even though he was busy with another matter.

We were lucky to have found Capital Data Recovery when we did. Without a doubt, their team made it possible for us to recover from a nasty situation.
The level of professionalism and skill exceeded our expectations in every way. We would have the strongest recommendation for any person or organization who is in a data recovery bind to put your trust in the folks at Capital Data Recovery. Thanks once again for your assistance and superior service.

Got the pictures you recovered for me today. I thought your service was fast and excellent. Our story, I am sure is like many, priceless pictures from our time with family in Australia, only to discover they were gone. Tried two different camera shops, one finally gave us your name as a last resort. It worked. Thanks so much for saving a big part of out holiday.

An immense thank you to Capital Data Recovery for their amazing work! Prior to finding Capital Data Recovery, I had a couple of other companies take a look at my hard drive only to find that it could not be recovered - all my data was lost. I am so grateful to Capital Data Recovery for proving them all wrong! Your professionalism, expertise, fast turn around and fair charge will be remembered - and I will continue to recommend you to all my colleagues and friends.
Thanks again!

Karen and the recovery team at Capital Data Recovery did an excellent job of recovering data that was considered to be unrecoverable. They were very sensitive to my requirements and kept me fully informed during all of the steps. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your help. You recovered 100% of our precious data. It's been a pleasure to deal with Capital Data Recovery. Your light-speed service has been appreciated. Thanks again for your help and assistance.

Thank you for your professional and prompt work on our behalf. I will keep your contact information handy should the unthinkable happen again.

My laptop hard drive had failed, and Dell sent me a replacement. I needed to get my data recovered, and Capital Data Recovery did a great job! I didn't lose any files, they were ready sooner than expected and they gave me good service at a reasonable price as well as suggestions regarding the best kind of hard drive to use for backup. I highly recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone who finds themselves in need of data recovery!

Very helpful and friendly staff. Always quick to reply to emails and the recovery itself was completed in a short period of time. Saved me a lot of money on the job as well. Thanks for everything.

I wanted to thank you for your great work in recovering all the data from my failed laptop hard drive. As owner of a small e-commerce business, my computer is my most important asset: you saved many months’ worth of work in just a couple of days. I certainly agree with your other customers that the support you provide is unmatched, as is the maturity you bring to the job. Your cordiality at any time of day was also most appreciated. I will definitely tell my friends about your company.

The speed with which you recovered everything was impressive. And the frequent updates appreciated. Thank you again!

On February 19th 2007, we experienced the stress and insecurity of a hard drive failure.
I called on several occasions to discuss our problem and get a professional opinion on this recuperation process. Every time, the service rendered was amazing.
As soon as I got in the office, both employees made me feel comfortable. They took the required time to explain exactly what was involved in all processes they would do to recuperate the lost data. They evaluated the probabilities of getting the information back from the damage hard drive.
At no time did Capital Data Recovery's interest come before mine. The dedication to their work and customers is amazing. CDR was clear all along about the risk factors, and the costs associated with this process.
I decided not to recuperate the data since our back up system did the job. Even in this situation CDR provided a letter, for audit purposes, confirming that the drive was not recoverable due to mechanical damage. Total bill amount $0.
The total experience was one you expect from a professional firm. Good expertise and customer care. They observe their business policies. No surprises, no hidden costs. Capital data Recovery help me make a sound decision.
I highly recommend Capital Data Recovery for all your emergency data recovery needs. Keep on doing it.

I usually don't leave comments with respect to items I purchase, or service I receive. I however felt very compelled this time, and had to express how I felt about my experience with Capital Data Recovery Inc.

In December 2007 I experienced a hard drive crash. My hard drive was part of a wireless router, and somehow the drive (despite being 3 months old) crashed on me. It was the first time that I experience such a mishap. In the past, I naively thought that hard drives simply work forever, until you through them out. I will no longer think that!

I wanted to get my data back, so I googled "hard disk recovery" and was overwhelmed by the amount of results I got back. Everyone, it seemed, was offering hard disk recoveries, most with a 100% money back guarantee. I tend to be skeptical so I didn't feel comfortable handing over my hard drive (and more importantly my data) to complete strangers.

I almost gave up on recovering my data, until I came across Capital Data Recovery's website. What intrigued me the most was their white paper regarding what people should know before choosing a data recovery firm. After reading that document (which clearly outlined how/why there are a lot of scammers out there) I decided to call. That's when I got a hold of Karén Khachaturov. He was so honest and straight forward. He did not promise me anything over the phone, and clearly articulated how neither he, nor anyone else, would be honest in promising something over the phone without having examined the hard drive first.

I was moved by his honesty and decided to send him my drive. Karén and his team spent a long time working on the hard drive. I know this because we had a number of phone calls throughout the process, and he was giving me status updates from time to time. After a number of days of trying without success, he concluded that my hard drive was so corrupt that only a portion of the data was recovered. Despite this, Karén sent me back my hard drive (with whatever data he recovered), and did not charge me for all the effort he/his team put into my case. I could not believe this at first, and thought there was some sort of a catch, until my drive was shipped back to me, with whatever data was recovered. I did not pay him anything.

I have dealt with many service providers in the past, and I can count the number of honest ones on one hand. Karén is absolutely one of them. If ever I have a similar situation in the future, the only person I'm going to call is him. He is very honest, fair, and straightforward, exactly what you need when/if you experience an unfortunate event such as loosing all your data.

Karén, and Capital Data Recovery: thank you for a wonderful experience, and I wish everyone operated with such integrity and professionalism as you do.


I had just finished creating a book for my grandson, 500+ hours of a labour of love, when my computer croaked. Although I had backup on a memory stick, some pages wouldn’t open (likely corrupted by the capricious computer).

On searching the net for help, I came upon Capital Data. Their Web Page was impressive - totally informative and user-friendly. I phoned that day and was even more impressed with their professional, friendly and calm approach to my problem. My immediate comfort level was a 10.

I took my HD in on a Friday and the job was done by Monday, even though I had indicated that there was no rush.

From start to finish, it was a wholly positive experience from the first phone call, the turnaround time, the price, to pick-up where I received a detailed explanation of accessing the recovered data.

I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Karén and team at Capital Data Recovery {:-)

That is wonderful news! I greatly appreciate your help, and the generosity your company demonstrated. I was worried my little girl's pictures were lost for good. I will be passing your name on to some local business in case they need to refer customers for data recovery. Thank you again.

It was a pleasure working with the Capital Data Recovery team on our encrypted data recovery issue. CDR kept me informed and engaged at every step on this very difficult recovery process, with a result bordering on miraculous. My personal feeling is that it was the dedication, professional insight and dogged determination of the team that made the full recovery possible.

I wanted to thank you again for the work you did with my hard drive. I now have a degree of closure that I would not have had without the work that you and your colleagues performed. I'm very grateful for your work.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your professional work.

Thanks for all your hard work. After the computer crashed, I had feared the worst. You recovered it and ALL files were saved. It's like it never happened.

My experience with Capital Data Recovery, and in particular with Karén Khachaturov, was extremely positive and successful. I have already referred you to a business person that helps set up/maintain/fix business and home computers. He was extremely impressed with my experience as I related it and wanted contact info. Thank you once again. You made a difference in my life!

Dear Karén:
Having not been diligent in backing up family photos and documentation, I was most impressed with your perseverance in recovering the data which I had considered was lost. Your personal attention and concern was most appreciated. All the best to you and your family.
Warm regards!

Being a recent customer, I have been very impressed with the recovery work that Capital Data Recovery had done, to recover the data from a crashed old hard drive. It is very good to know, that Capital Data Recovery can be our back-up, back-up system, if this were occur again. They took out the fear and replaced it with relieve, when they contacted us and let us know that they recovered everything, and also repaired the old hard drive. Thanks for everything!

Great people. Honest. Very straight forward! I would have lost a lot of work without them! Thanks CDR! Rock on!

I wanted to provide my feedback about the only experience I've had so far with Capital Data Recovery.

I met with Karén Khachaturov this Saturday afternoon, September, 27th at his office due to a problem I was having with retrieving some important information from my hard drive. He agreed to meet me at his office - on his day off - and both my husband and I were very impressed with him.

He was a wonderfully kind man, who displayed a tremendous amount of patience toward me - someone who is not at all computer literate, and I remain grateful for his help. I not only left his office feeling very much relieved that my computer data 'loss' was found, but grateful that my husband and I had met him in the first place.

I have much need for a company who can help me retrieve data - something that has happen a few times in our family, and I will certainly return to your company for assistance when that occurs.
Many thanks, once again, Karén!


After 2 other people told us that there was no hope, all of our baby pictures were quickly and successfully recovered from a failed laptop hard disk by Capital Data Recovery. Many thanks!

Capital Data Recovery provided a professional and knowledgeable team to handle our data recovery project. They handled the project with integrity and the sort of attention to detail that would make us recommend their services to anyone with corporate or personal data recovery needs. They also provided professional consultation on systems design for future projects and preventing recurrence.
Andrew, Calgary

Karen, thank you so much for your help! From thousands of miles away you took the time on the phone to help me diagnose and solve the problem - saving me a thousand dollars, tremendous aggravation, and quite possibly two years of work. And you didn't make a penny! I feel very lucky to have found you.
All the best,

I dropped my external hard drive with all my personal pictures and my music library on it. After doing some research I was unsure as to whether I would ever see my data again. I thought at best I would be able to get a portion of it back. Karen at the Ottawa lab was able to successfully perform a 100% recovery without compromising the quality of the data. Frank in Barrie provided consistent and detailed information about my recovery throughout the entire process. I can recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves in the position I was in. THANKS GUYS!!!! 🙂

From the first time I arrived at Capital Data Recovery I sensed that I was entrusting our precious data to a group of very competent professionals with the technology required to be successful, and they certainly exceeded my high expectations.
Being well versed in information technology I can appreciate the complexity of recovering data from a drive that had experienced a complete mechanical, electrical, and firmware failure. I could not believe that 100% of the data was recovered without a single error! The results are worth every cent and the service is unmatched.

This company is clearly the best! After researching many companies in Ottawa it was clear that Capital Data Recovery was the best qualified. The testimonials were reassuring and so was the service. I received a 100% recovery in a short period of time on a very difficult case. The drive contained over 2 years of my engagement, so you can imagine I wanted to pick a company I could trust. CDR is that company and they delivered. Thanks!

I thought the photographic memories of my trip were gone forever, but all of my photos were recovered by Capital Data Recovery. The work was fast and the service was very friendly. I am extremely happy to have found this service!

Karen, you did an amazing job! I really felt hopeless until I found your site. I am even more impressed by the wonderful service I received and how I was always kept up to date on the status of my data recovery. I really appreciate all that you've done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks again for everything! You can bet your business that you will get nothing but praise, recommendations from myself to anyone who is looking into this kind of service!

Thank you so much for the recovering our family's photos. There were pictures that we could not have reproduced of loved ones that are no longer with us. We are very impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the service we received from Capital Data Recovery. The Guy's at Capital Data Recovery understand the importance of recovering your lost memories and take it very seriously! Highly recommended.

I brought Capital Data Recovery a 20+ year old hard drive that had only recently failed in a system running Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1. Although it took some time, they were able to find 20 year old parts, repair the drive and clone it to a new drive of the same technology so that the original system works perfectly again.
One for the history books!
I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction demonstrated by the staff at Capital Data Recovery.

What was thought to be lost was recovered. You and your team were very timely and professional. I would recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone. You explained everything in my language and were very confident in saving very personal data. I had no trouble trusting you with my drive. Thank you again. Excellent work.

These guys really know their stuff! They recovered all my data after a complete hard drive crash.

Capital Data Recovery is an exceptional company with excellent service. We got back all of our kids movies from a failed disk. The service is fast, friendly and the price is very good. Thank you thank you for enabling us to restore our precious family memories! You did an awesome job. This is the only recovery service company anyone needs and I highly recommend them.

As soon as I heard clicking noises from my Hitachi Deskstar 750GB hard drive I knew I was in trouble. I did not know just how much trouble until Karén worked on it himself.
First he had to track down identical drives to use for parts, which was a huge undertaking since my particular make and model is very unpopular and rare to come across. Luckily for me, Karén just simply does not give up and managed to find one and eventually a second since the first did not work.
My drive had suffered a power surge and three out of the eight read/write heads were malfunctioning. Eventually it got to a readable but unstable state. Despite still having one intermittent read/write head Karén managed to recover 100% of my data.
To say that I am impressed with Capital Data Recovery is an understatement. I was kept informed with what was going on the whole time and all my pesky questions were answered promptly and enthusiastically whether by phone or email. I can't recommend Capital Data Recovery highly enough!

Fantastic professional service. Amazing degree of technical knowledge. My data was completely recovered quickly, allowing me to continue with my work without any major interruption. Highly recommended.

I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to Karén for the wonderful topnotch service I received from his company in Ottawa. I was at wits end and almost lost all my data from several years for my business.
He was thorough, efficient and expedited my emergency and got the job done immediately. It had already taken over three weeks in another company's hands prior that botched the job and in fact Karén had to resolve also those errors made.
I am so happy with the outcome and will absolutely send any others in distress your way as I know they will be taken care of.

Our techs said that I had less than a 1 per cent chance of recovering my data from an external drive that had fried due to a freak electrical short. They had spent about three weeks using the technology at their disposal to try and retrieve the data.
I took it to Capital Data Recovery and with their skill they recovered 82 Gb of data that, had I not taken it to Capital Data Recovery, would have been lost forever. I highly recommend Karén and the techs at Capital Data Recovery.

When my drive crashed I panicked! I went to a big box store, with computer services department, first thing as it was the only thing open. They had no luck even reading my drive at all. I started calling around to all the recovery place in the city and by luck I stumbled upon Capital Data Recovery. From the beginning I was very impressed. Karén was upfront and honest about the state of my drive, which at the start didn't look good. Thanks to his experience, and keeping up to date on new technologies, he was able to pull the very important information I needed from my drive. He also gave me tips on how to protect my drives and properly use an external device. Thank you very much Capital Data Recovery for providing a great service. Hopefully I never need your services again but I hope that I can help others get their important files back too by letting people know just how good you are.

The services rendered were very proficient and the overall level of customer service was fantastic. I would definitely use this service again and recommend to any friends / colleagues. Thank-you!

As an IT Administrator for Public Works, I needed a fast and efficient service to recover some very important project files. Capital Data Recovery was able to analyze the drive very quickly and the work was done in very timely manor. Above all else, the recovery was 100% successful!!! The client was extremely satisfied. Thank you Capital Data Recovery!!

The company and especially I can't thank you enough for recovering 100% of months of critical corporate data, the loss of which would have devastated the company earnings this year. The service you provided and the commitment you showed to do all you could do was beyond expectation.
Ironically, I hope we never have to do business again, but I will not hesitate to immediately recommend your services to anyone I know who suffers a similar setback. Thank you Capital Data Recovery.

Thanks a lot for recovering my files, Karén. Although some files were unrecoverable, you were able to recover the most important ones. I appreciate the long hours and patience in working on my case. It was a long process, but worth the wait. I also appreciate you taking the time to explain what you were doing and being persistent in the process.

Capital Data Recovery is an excellent company. I had an experience recently with a photolab that damaged my memory card. The pictures were of a sentimental value. My husband brought Karén the card and explained what had happened. He is an amazing and wonderful person. I cannot thank him enough for recovering all the pictures. He called me right away to give me the good news. Karén was compassionate and understood how important it was to us. His professionalism and expertise is incredible. He explained to me in detail what had happened and also what he had to do to recover the data. His customer service excels in all areas. When I see my pictures, I think of Karén and all his hardwork and how he takes great pride in it. Karén, we truly appreciate and cannot express our gratitude for all you have done to save our wonderful memories. Thank you so much again.

Karén, you did an amazing job! I really felt hopeless until I found your site. I am even more impressed by the wonderful service I received and how I was always kept up to date on the status of my data recovery. I really appreciate all that you've done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you Capital Data Recovery you are quite literally a life saver. The fast professional service provided by your team allowed us to recover from a disastrous hardware failure.
CDR was clear about the risk factors, and the costs associated with this process. At 10 am the decision was made to proceed with the data recovery. CDR staff worked until 2 am reconstructing and repaired badly damaged data keeping us updated along the way. The dedication to resolving our problems and their work ethic is amazing.
The total experience was completely professional in every manner. Amazing expertise and customer care. No surprises, no hidden costs. Capital data Recovery saved our data.
I highly recommend Capital Data Recovery for all your emergency data recovery needs.

Capital Data Recovery - and Karén in particular - were absolutely tenacious and recovered 6 months of data from a crashed laptop hard drive. They literally scoured the earth for replacement parts and invested in multiple donor drives at their expense to ensure the recovery was both successful, and completed for the advertised price. The technology they employ, and their exacting standards border on wizardry. Would recommend highly. A++++.

I would like to thank Capital Data Recovery for the highly professional and courteous service they provided in recovering 100% of our data. Thanks to this company, years of invaluable research information as well as the daily operating archives were retrieved from my failed drive. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to those seeking their expertise.

We are very grateful for what Capital Data Recovery did for us. After seeing the severely damaged laptop that was salvaged from the wreckage of the plane accident which took the life of a loved one, we thought that we also had lost thousands of family photos taken the last few years. Photos that could no longer be replaced. When we brought the drive to them, we hoped that in spite of the fire damage, maybe a few photos could be recovered. They exceeded our expectations and thanks to their hard work and top notch technical skills, they were able to recover 100% of the hard drive's content. They were very professional, compassionate and dedicated. I would definitely recommend them for any data recovery needs. Thank you so much!

I am profoundly impressed with the level of service and the quality of the results. The team went above and beyond in all aspects of the data recovery process. The level of courtesy, perseverance and professionalism was outstanding. My very deepest gratitude to the staff of Capital Data Recovery.

I am so deeply grateful for your kindness, patience and generosity. You are a rare human being and it was an honor to have met you. I wish you all a wonderful and satisfying future.

Thank you so much for recovering all of our data! We sent our portable hard drive to a local computer store. They could not recover the data. They then sent our drive to a data recovering centre in Toronto. After waiting over 5 months, we were told that due to mechanical damage nothing could be done to recover our data. One of our friends recommended Capital Data Recovery. Within a few days, you were able to recover ALL of our files!
Thank you for the great and expeditious service!

Recovery in an Emergency is a process WE had hoped to never see.
A RAID 5 Western Digital NAS had reported a drive failure. During it's rebuild over a weekend the entire unit reported ALL Drives Failed. We sourced Capital Data Recovery online, which, we then referenced through a personal network of users. A number of our contacts had used them prior and had fantastic reviews of their services.
Rushing the drives to the team in Ottawa, we were welcomed to sit and discuss options. A personally tour of their facilities convinced us they were a professional team to left our business records with. With one drive reporting a large group of bad sectors and a second drive that failed, their team was able to successfully restore all our files, folders and maintain structure.
Obviously in need of a new store solution they were very professional and open to discussing technology, standards and provide some key points to assist in our next investment.
We want to thank Capital Data Recovery team for the fantastic service. You exceeded our expectations, were professional and provided a level of support we were not expecting.
You did more for us than I would say any company I've dealt with in 12 years has ever done. You and your team are Super STARS!

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help with my recent laptop issues. When I was first told that the information on my laptop was irretrievable by the service representative at the local chain electronics store where I purchased it, I was convinced that my personal and professional information, a whole life’s worth of work, had been lost to me.
But your patience in explaining the recovery process to me, as well as your professionalism, knowledge, integrity, and candour, were very much appreciated. Those traits are almost unknown in this age of poor customer service, and dealing with you and the staff at Capital Data Recovery has been a real pleasure.
Thank you again

Two months ago, my hard disk suffered a failure. When I moved into the Ottawa area, I sought to get the data on that disk back, as it contained files that I have spent months working on. It also contained eight years worth of university lecture notes, which I did not want to lose.
So I came to Capital Data Recovery to get it all back.
I was not certain if it would work, but Capital Data Recovery worked as hard as they could, and despite the uncertainties, they managed to save more data than I thought I would get back. Now I have it all back and I can continue some personal projects that I began months ago. Not only was the service top of the line, but they took the time to actually explain in detail the nature of the problem I was facing and how they went about trying to fix it.
I am grateful for the service they provided and would recommend them to anyone looking to utilize an excellent service like this!

Lesson learned. Bring my hard drive to Capital Data Recovery before going anywhere else. In the end, my hard drive was damaged beyond repair and my data lost, but unlike those big-box stores, there was no charge.
Not only that, I received speedy, personal service and helpful advice. I had the experience of being helped by a professional who knows what he is doing and cares about his customers.
Such personal attention and excellent service is rare and much appreciated.
I would gladly recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone.

Thanks for your persistence and patience in recovering my lost photos!
I had dropped my camera into the bottom of a sailing dhow in Mozambique and managed to lose hundreds of irreplaceable photos from my volunteer experiences in remote areas of Mozambique.
The team, in particular, Karen, managed to complete the process of recovering hundreds of pictures and even a few video clips.
They kept me informed about the process of recovery and software development - and one day to the relief of everyone, they were successful!
It was like Christmas seeing that they had managed to retrieve almost all of the pictures!
Thanks so much for your help in retrieving my priceless memories!

OMG.. I cannot describe the High Level of service I got from Capital Data Recovery. I suffered a HUGE loss and they were able to recover it almost 100%!! They went above and beyond .. and their level of service was TOP NOTCH. I would HIGHLY (more than Highly) recommend their services .. and will be back again should I have any other problems!!!

Thanks again!
You're fabulous! You've saved me weeks/months of work as you recovered those scripts, in addition to one of my priceless family iPhoto libraries and mpg files, and also my iTunes and apps store accounts.
Thanks also for the Synology NAS tip, I have the 411+II installed now so hopefully I should be better off in the future
Thanks again, I will recommend you guys anytime! This was well worth the cost, I really appreciate the extra time you took on my soggy, burned-out, clicking drive - I was fearing the worst scenario, but you made it the best!

I brought my business laptop with a completely dead hard drive to the engineers at Capital Data Recovery and although it was very damaged physically, they labored for weeks on a painful data recovery process that was able to recover all of my software and data. They did this at a very reasonable price that was a lot less than the cost of replacing the software, not to mention the priceless data. I am very grateful and highly recommend this team.

Looks like you are hard drive wizards! All the data on the external hard drive seems to be good. I will keep your number on file so I can contact you if we are ever in this situation again.
Thanks again for your excellent work!

There aren't words to describe how pleasant and professional my encounter was with CDR. I'm grateful not to have been spoken down to, or condescended to, by the computer expert I dealt with, who recovered for me a file I had thought was forever lost. While I have many talents, computer fluency isn't one of them. Fortunately these experts do.
I not only recommend CDR with the utmost sincerity, but will be using them again very soon.

I was so impressed with you guys in Ottawa! I had a whole year's worth of data on a USB that I crushed by accident on a Friday afternoon at 3pm.
I was in panic mode when I brought it to Capital Data Recovery in Ottawa an two hours later. Next Tuesday, they called me to deliver the good news: they were able to recover all of my data and it would be ready on Wednesday afternoon! I was SOOOO happy and so relieved! You guys are my heroes!!

Just a brief note to thank you for the excellent work you did in recovering my files. All files were recovered successfully.

Great work was done by your team at Capital Data Recovery in Ottawa.
I had lots of personal pictures and data files that were recovered that I thought might have been lost forever.
Again a big thank you from Moncton, NB for the great work performed to get those back to me.

Thanks to capital Data Recovery, I was about to recover the manuscript of a work in progress.
They are obviously very dedicated to what they do. I'm much appreciative of the work they performed for me.

I want to thank you and your team for everything you did to recover the data – the pictures/videos are really is something that is very precious as you can imagine and I am absolutely thrilled that you managed to bring it back from what was previously diagnosed as unrecoverable by other companies.
I really appreciate the exceptional customer service as well – I knew exactly where things were at, at all time throughout the process.
Thanks again and take good care.

Many thanks for recovering data from my hard drive recently.
I know better, but had not backed-up for a while and your firm successfully retrieved everything.
As a visual artist, the loss of current and past projects would have been devastating. The compassion and professionalism of your team, along with a relatively speedy turn around time, turned this potentially dreadful time into a definitely positive experience. Your services are not inexpensive, but you get what you pay for and then some. Thanks!

Very happy with the service provided by Capital Data Recovery. One of our computers experienced a power surge that effectively fried almost every single component of the computer including the hard drive.
The professional staff at Capital Data Recovery analyzed the drive quickly and after just a few days they were able to recover 100% of the data. Having the data back saved us many weeks in our projects.
Feedback from the staff throughout the data recovery process was very informative and comforting. Thanks again for all your help!

In an effort to Help an client Capital Data performed what seemed next to impossible. An issue of data not just corrupted and a NAS damaged beyond repair but a non standard proprietary Data and Sector structure that Capital Data had to actually write a customized driver for a product that was obsolete by a company no longer in business.
Outstanding miracle workers .... HIGHLY Recommended

The guys at Capital Data Recovery are superb.
They work hard and diligently to get the job done.
I had to travel on business the next day and one of them met me at 10.30 pm to make sure that I had my repaired hard drive and data there and ready.
I strongly recommend them.

Thank you so much for the recovering our family's photos. There were pictures that we could not have reproduced of loved ones that are no longer with us. We are very impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the service we received from Capital Data Recovery. The Guy's at Capital Data Recovery understand the importance of recovering your lost memories and take it very seriously! Highly recommended.

I brought Capital Data Recovery a 20+ year old hard drive that had only recently failed in a system running Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1. Although it took some time, they were able to find 20 year old parts, repair the drive and clone it to a new drive of the same technology so that the original system works perfectly again.
One for the history books!
I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction demonstrated by the staff at Capital Data Recovery.

What was thought to be lost was recovered. You and your team were very timely and professional. I would recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone. You explained everything in my language and were very confident in saving very personal data. I had no trouble trusting you with my drive. Thank you again. Excellent work!

To my horror, I recently had the hard drive on my laptop crash. This caused me enormous stress as I am not that computer knowledgeable. After consulting with your staff, in particular Mr. Levon Kazariyan, it was determined that all my data could be recovered! Needless to say I was ecstatic!
I received additional e-mails from Levon about ways to better safe guard my data in the future (so helpful).
I received my USB about 2 weeks ago but was not able to look at it until tonight. When I opened it tonight, I was not able to find my files so I left a frantic e-mail and voice mail for Levon. With in minutes he called me back at home and talked me through where to find my files and to my great relief ALL THE DATA IS THERE!!!
Thank you Levon for your patience, kindness and extreme professionalism in the face of a frantic woman!!
I am backing things up as I write this.
Please give this man big Kudos for a job well done above and beyond the call of duty!
Thanks Levon !
What a great company that I would highly recommend to my colleagues for data recovery.

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  • André Pinard ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    After having broken my external Drive (2Tb), dropping on the floor. I brought it to Capital Data Recovery (CDR). I was unsure if it would be recoverable. What a joy to receive the email today that said … More "Good News!" All important files were saved and some picture and video files were put aside in distinct files. Thanks and kudos to Levon Kazariyan and his team!
  • Albert Fidaoui ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I recently had the pleasure of engaging with Levon at Capital Data Recovery, and I must say, their service exceeded all expectations! From start to finish, the experience was seamless and truly remarkable. … More
    First and foremost, I was struck by the transparency and honesty displayed by the company. They were upfront about their pricing, services, and timelines, which instantly instilled confidence in their integrity.
    In conclusion, I cannot recommend Capital Data Recovery highly enough. Their honesty, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction make them a standout in the industry. If you're looking for top-notch service from a company you can trust, look no further.
    a special thanks to Levon!!
  • khan ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Great experience, highly recommend. I contacted them about a dead external hard drive that had invaluable family photos, videos, and memories. They provided a fair quote and they have a "no data - … More no fee" policy, so they only charge you if the data is successfully recovered. I worked with Levon, who was very professional, caring, and understood the value of this data. He was also very patient and careful when we ran into problems with the new hard drive for the data to be transferred to. Thank you for the great experience, I'm grateful that my data and invaluable family memories have been preserved.
  • Sylvain Brunet ★★★★★ a month ago
    I could write a full page on my experience. First finding that you lost your files and family picture is quite stressful and emotional in nature. Second, going to apple and finding out they wont help … More you is quite frustrating. Third, looking at other possible option including capital data recovery brings in worries and doubts like can we get scammed doing this, can things get any worse? I am sure we are not the only ones in this type of situation. What can I say, after doubting all the 5 stars review, I have to say they are true, it is excellent 5 star service. This company is a Gem, the owners are a staple of what world class customer service is. They will not mislead you or promise thing that are impossible, but they will work extremely hard to fix your issue, no talking or excuses, lots of doing. On top of that I made a friend, a good hearted men, I am really really happy. Karen, Levon, you guys are flying under the radar, for anyone reading this, my experience that started as a distressed one came to be extremely positive. We can’t thank you enough, we are lucky to have such a company in the National Capital Area.
  • tara socorro ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    It was a pleasure working with Levon from Capital Data Recovery Services in Ottawa. Levon is professional, personable and easy to work with. He was successful in recovering all the data I had on my solid … More state drive from a damaged laptop. I can't thank him enough. His quote was reasonable and he was straightforward when addressing the possible outcomes. I appreciated his patience in answering my questions, and would highly recommend Capital Data Recovery Services.