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Hard Drive Certification by Capital Data Recovery Inc.

Like everyone else, you go to your favorite PC shop to buy a new computer or upgrade the existing one. When we spend money we want to receive the best possible product. Computer hard drives store all our data and therefore are considered to be the most critical component of the computer. Whenever you are purchasing a new or used hard drive to build a server or a home computer, we advise you to make sure your hard drive is free from defects.

Our customers have seen many hard drives failing after weeks or even days after first usage. Depending on the type of failure, recovery of your data can be very expensive or even impossible in worst case scenario when severe mechanical failure occurs.

You can surely spend a hundred dollars and purchase a piece of software that will help you determine whether your hard drive is in a good condition or not; however we suggest seeking help from professional data recovery company that specializes in nothing but hard drives. In other words, you need to contact a company that knows hard drives inside out, as only that company will be able to properly test the disk drive and make sure all critical components have been tested.

Capital Data Recovery now offers its customers a new type of services - Hard Drive Certification. We offer a low cost hard drive certification services.
This process includes several passes of sector by sector testing of your hard drive using special hardware equipment; testing of electronic components, hard drive cache, and more. We are also able to test the performance of your drive. If the disk fails the test, you can simply return it back to a PC shop and get another one. Our tests do not void the manufacturer's warranty.

Protect your family pictures and videos now! Get professional help. Get yourself a piece of mind which is 10-20 times cheaper than cost of data recovery. Call us for more information about our services. Call us now. Get your hard drive certified!

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