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Capital Data Recovery Inc. has served many happy customers: Government organizations, Universities, Hospitals, IT consulting companies, computer stores, self employers, independent consultants, dental offices, and other large and small businesses and individuals.

These are some of the emails and letters we received from our customers: Please note that due to privacy reasons we are not publishing names and organizations.

 IT Consultant. Ottawa.
Thanks again for everything! You can bet your business that you will get nothing but praise, recommendations from myself to anyone who is looking into this kind of service!

 Family Photos. Ottawa.
Thank you so much for the recovering our family's photos. There were pictures that we could not have reproduced of loved ones that are no longer with us. We are very impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the service we received from Capital Data Recovery. The Guy's at Capital Data Recovery understand the importance of recovering your lost memories and take it very seriously! Highly recommended.

 Consulting Company. Kanata.
I brought Capital Data Recovery a 20+ year old hard drive that had only recently failed in a system running Windows for Workgroups 3.1.1. Although it took some time, they were able to find 20 year old parts, repair the drive and clone it to a new drive of the same technology so that the original system works perfectly again.
One for the history books!
I am extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction demonstrated by the staff at Capital Data Recovery.

 Local Engineering Business. Ottawa .
What was thought to be lost was recovered. You and your team were very timely and professional. I would recommend Capital Data Recovery to anyone. You explained everything in my language and were very confident in saving very personal data. I had no trouble trusting you with my drive. Thank you again. Excellent work.

 Family files. Ottawa .
These guys really know there stuff! They recovered all my data after a complete hard drive crash.

 Family Files. Ottawa.
Capital Data Recovery is an exceptional company with excellent service. We got back all of our kids movies from a failed disk. The service is fast, friendly and the price is very good. Thank you thank you for enabling us to restore our precious family memories! You did an awesome job. This is the only recovery service company anyone needs and I highly recommend them.

 Family data. Perth .
As soon as I heard clicking noises from my Hitachi Deskstar 750GB hard drive I knew I was in trouble. I did not know just how much trouble until Karén worked on it himself.
First he had to track down identical drives to use for parts, which was a huge undertaking since my particular make and model is very unpopular and rare to come across. Luckily for me, Karén just simply does not give up and managed to find one and eventually a second since the first did not work.
My drive had suffered a power surge and three out of the eight read/write heads were malfunctioning. Eventually it got to a readable but unstable state. Despite still having one intermittent read/write head Karén managed to recover 100% of my data.
To say that I am impressed with Capital Data Recovery is an understatement. I was kept informed with what was going on the whole time and all my pesky questions were answered promptly and enthusiastically whether by phone or email. I can't recommend Capital Data Recovery highly enough!

 Family files. Ottawa.
Fantastic professional service. Amazing degree of technical knowledge. My data was completely recovered quickly, allowing me to continue with my work without any major interruption. Highly recommended.

 Travel Agency. Ottawa.
I just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to Karén for the wonderful topnotch service I received from his company in Ottawa. I was at wits end and almost lost all my data from several years for my business.
He was thorough, efficient and expedited my emergency and got the job done immediately. It had already taken over three weeks in another company's hands prior that botched the job and in fact Karén had to resolve also those errors made.
I am so happy with the outcome and will absolutely send any others in distress your way as I know they will be taken care of.

 School Board. Perth.
Our techs said that I had less than a 1 per cent chance of recovering my data from an external drive that had fried due to a freak electrical short. They had spent about three weeks using the technology at their disposal to try and retrieve the data.
I took it to Capital Data Recovery and with their skill they recovered 82 Gb of data that, had I not taken it to Capital Data Recovery, would have been lost forever. I highly recommend Karén and the techs at Capital Data Recovery .

 Graphic Designer. Ottawa.
When my drive crashed I panicked! I went to a big box store, with computer services department, first thing as it was the only thing open. They had no luck even reading my drive at all. I started calling around to all the recovery place in the city and by luck I stumbled upon Capital Data Recovery. From the beginning I was very impressed. Karén was upfront and honest about the state of my drive, which at the start didn't look good. Thanks to his experience, and keeping up to date on new technologies, he was able to pull the very important information I needed from my drive. He also gave me tips on how to protect my drives and properly use an external device. Thank you very much Capital Data Recovery for providing a great service. Hopefully I never need your services again but I hope that I can help others get their important files back too by letting people know just how good you are.

 Corporation. Ottawa.
The services rendered were very proficient and the overall level of customer service was fantastic. I would definitely use this service again and recommend to any friends / colleagues. Thank-you!

 Government Organization. Public Works. Ottawa.
As an IT Administrator for Public Works, I needed a fast and efficient service to recover some very important project files. Capital Data Recovery was able to analyze the drive very quickly and the work was done in very timely manor. Above all else, the recovery was 100% successful!!! The client was extremely satisfied. Thank you Capital Data Recovery!!

 Ottawa Engineering Firm. Ottawa.
The company and especially I can't thank you enough for recovering 100% of months of critical corporate data, the loss of which would have devastated the company earnings this year. The service you provided and the commitment you showed to do all you could do was beyond expectation.
Ironically, I hope we never have to do business again, but I will not hesitate to immediately recommend your services to anyone I know who suffers a similar setback. Thank you Capital Data Recovery.

 Graphic Designer. Ottawa.
Thanks a lot for recovering my files, Karén. Although some files were unrecoverable, you were able to recover the most important ones. I appreciate the long hours and patience in working on my case. It was a long process, but worth the wait. I also appreciate you taking the time to explain what you were doing and being persistent in the process.

 Family Photos. Ottawa.
Capital Data Recovery is an excellent company. I had an experience recently with a photolab that damaged my memory card. The pictures were of a sentimental value. My husband brought Karén the card and explained what had happened. He is an amazing and wonderful person. I cannot thank him enough for recovering all the pictures. He called me right away to give me the good news. Karén was compassionate and understood how important it was to us. His professionalism and expertise is incredible. He explained to me in detail what had happened and also what he had to do to recover the data. His customer service excels in all areas. When I see my pictures, I think of Karén and all his hardwork and how he takes great pride in it. Karén, we truly appreciate and cannot express our gratitude for all you have done to save our wonderful memories. Thank you so much again.

 Student. Toronto.
Karén, you did an amazing job! I really felt hopeless until I found your site. I am even more impressed by the wonderful service I received and how I was always kept up to date on the status of my data recovery. I really appreciate all that you've done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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To maintain the esthetic of the web page, we are not publishing all the letters. If you would like to see more letters, you are most welcome to request them by email or visit us personally. Names are not published for privacy reasons.

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