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Capital Data Recovery Inc. has served many happy customers: Government organizations, Universities, Hospitals, IT consulting companies, computer stores, self employers, independent consultants, dental offices, and other large and small businesses and individuals.

These are some of the emails and letters we received from our customers: Please note that due to privacy reasons we are not publishing names and organizations.

 Family files. Toronto.
I usually don't leave comments with respect to items I purchase, or service I receive.  I however felt very compelled this time, and had to express how I felt about my experience with Capital Data Recovery Inc.

In December 2007 I experienced a hard drive crash.  My hard drive was part of a wireless router, and somehow the drive (despite being 3 months old) crashed on me.  It was the first time that I experience such a mishap.  In the past, I naively thought that hard drives simply work forever, until you through them out.  I will no longer think that!

I wanted to get my data back, so I googled "hard disk recovery" and was overwhelmed by the amount of results I got back.  Everyone, it seemed, was offering hard disk recoveries, most with a 100% money back guarantee.  I tend to be skeptical so I didn't feel comfortable handing over my hard drive (and more importantly my data) to complete strangers.

I almost gave up on recovering my data, until I came across Capital Data Recovery's website.  What intrigued me the most was their white paper regarding what people should know before choosing a data recovery firm.  After reading that document (which clearly outlined how/why there are a lot of scammers out there) I decided to call.  That's when I got a hold of Karén Khachaturov.  He was so honest and straight forward.  He did not promise me anything over the phone, and clearly articulated how neither he, nor anyone else, would be honest in promising something over the phone without having examined the hard drive first.

I was moved by his honesty and decided to send him my drive.  Karén and his team spent a long time working on the hard drive.  I know this because we had a number of phone calls throughout the process, and he was giving me status updates from time to time.  After a number of days of trying without success, he concluded that my hard drive was so corrupt that only a portion of the data was recovered.  Despite this, Karén sent me back my hard drive (with whatever data he recovered), and did not charge me for all the effort he/his team put into my case. I could not believe this at first, and thought there was some sort of a catch, until my drive was shipped back to me, with whatever data was recovered. I did not pay him anything.

I have dealt with many service providers in the past, and I can count the number of honest ones on one hand.  Karén is absolutely one of them.  If ever I have a similar situation in the future, the only person I'm going to call is him.  He is very honest, fair, and straightforward, exactly what you need when/if you experience an unfortunate event such as loosing all your data.

Karén, and Capital Data Recovery: thank you for a wonderful experience, and I wish everyone operated with such integrity and professionalism as you do.

 Family files. Ottawa .

I had just finished creating a book for my grandson, 500+ hours of a labour of love, when my computer croaked. Although I had backup on a memory stick, some pages wouldn’t open (likely corrupted by the capricious computer).

On searching the net for help, I came upon Capital Data. Their Web Page was impressive - totally informative and user-friendly. I phoned that day and was even more impressed with their professional, friendly and calm approach to my problem. My immediate comfort level was a 10.

I took my HD in on a Friday and the job was done by Monday, even though I had indicated that there was no rush.

From start to finish, it was a wholly positive experience from the first phone call, the turnaround time, the price, to pick-up where I received a detailed explanation of accessing the recovered data.

I extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Karén and team at Capital Data Recovery {:-)

 Family photos. Ottawa .
That is wonderful news! I greatly appreciate your help, and the generosity your company demonstrated. I was worried my little girl's pictures were lost for good. I will be passing your name on to some local business in case they need to refer customers for data recovery. Thank you again.

 Business critical data. Ottawa .
It was a pleasure working with the Capital Data Recovery team on our encrypted data recovery issue. CDR kept me informed and engaged at every step on this very difficult recovery process, with a result bordering on miraculous. My personal feeling is that it was the dedication, professional insight and dogged determination of the team that made the full recovery possible.

 Family files. Ottawa .
I wanted to thank you again for the work you did with my hard drive. I now have a degree of closure that I would not have had without the work that you and your colleagues performed. I'm very grateful for your work.
Please accept my sincere thanks for your professional work.

 Family business. Ottawa .
Thanks for all your hard work. After the computer crashed I had feared the worst. You recovered it and ALL files were saved. It's like it never happened.

 Family files. Ottawa.
My experience with Capital Data Recovery, and in particular with Karén Khachaturov, was extremely positive and successful. I have already referred you to a business person that helps set up/maintain/fix business and home computers. He was extremely impressed with my experience as I related it and wanted contact info. Thank you once again. You made a difference in my life!

 Family files. Ottawa.
Dear Karén:
Having not been diligent in backing up family photos and documentation, I was most impressed with your perseverance in recovering the data which I had considered was lost. Your personal attention and concern was most appreciated. All the best to you and your family.
Warm regards!

 Non profit business. Kanata.
Being a recent customer, I have been very impressed with the recovery work that Capital Data Recovery had done, to recover the data from a crashed old hard drive. It is very good to know, that Capital Data Recovery can be our back-up, back-up system, if this were occur again. They took out the fear and replaced it with relieve, when they contacted us and let us know that they recovered everything, and also repaired the old hard drive. Thanks for everything!

 Writer/musician. Ottawa.
Great people. Honest. Very straight forward! I would have lost a lot of work without them! Thanks CDR! Rock on!

 Family Business. Ottawa.
I wanted to provide my feedback about the only experience I've had so far with Capital Data Recovery.

I met with Karén Khachaturov this Saturday afternoon, September, 27th at his office due to a problem I was having with retrieving some important information from my hard drive. He agreed to meet me at his office - on his day off - and both my husband and I were very impressed with him.

He was a wonderfully kind man, who displayed a tremendous amount of patience toward me - someone who is not at all computer literate, and I remain grateful for his help. I not only left his office feeling very much relieved that my computer data 'loss' was found, but grateful that my husband and I had met him in the first place.

I have much need for a company who can help me retrieve data - something that has happen a few times in our family, and I will certainly return to your company for assistance when that occurs.
Many thanks, once again, Karén!


 Family Business. Ottawa.
After 2 other people told us that there was no hope, all of our baby pictures were quickly and successfully recovered from a failed laptop hard disk by Capital Data Recovery. Many thanks!

 Fortune 500 company. IT Department. Calgary.
Capital Data Recovery provided a professional and knowledgeable team to handle our data recovery project. They handled the project with integrity and the sort of attention to detail that would make us recommend their services to anyone with corporate or personal data recovery needs. They also provided professional consultation on systems design for future projects and preventing recurrence.

Andrew, Calgary

 Musician. Vancouver, BC.
Karen, thank you so much for your help! From thousands of miles away you took the time on the phone to help me diagnose and solve the problem - saving me a thousand dollars, tremendous aggravation, and quite possibly two years of work. And you didn't make a penny! I feel very lucky to have found you.
All the best,

 Family Files. Toronto.
I dropped my external hard drive with all my personal pictures and my music library on it.  After doing some research I was unsure as to whether I would ever see my data again.  I thought at best I would be able to get a portion of it back.  Karen at the Ottawa lab was able to sucessfully perform a 100% recovery without compromising the quality of the data.  Frank in Barrie provided consistant and detailed information about my recovery thoughout the entire process.  I can recommend their services to anyone who finds themselves in the position  I was in.  THANKS GUYS!!!! :-)

 Family Files. Ottawa.
From the first time I arrived at Capital Data Recovery I sensed that I was entrusting our precious data to a group of very competent professionals with the technology required to be successful, and they certainly exceeded my high expectations.
Being well versed in information technology I can appreciate the complexity of recovering data from a drive that had experienced a complete mechanical, electrical, and firmware failure. I could not believe that 100% of the data was recovered without a single error! The results are worth every cent and the service is unmatched.

 Government IT Employee. Ottawa.
This company is clearly the best! After researching many companies in Ottawa it was clear that Capital Data Recovery was the best qualified. The testimonials were reassuring and so was the service. I received a 100% recovery in a short period of time on a very difficult case. The drive contained over 2 years of my engagement, so you can imagine I wanted to pick a company I could trust. CDR is that company and they delivered. Thanks!

 Government IT Employee. Ottawa.
I thought the photographic memories of my trip were gone forever, but all of my photos were recovered by Capital Data Recovery. The work was fast and the service was very friendly. I am extremely happy to have found this service!

 Family photos and videos. Toronto.
Karen, you did an amazing job! I really felt hopeless until I found your site. I am even more impressed by the wonderful service I received and how I was always kept up to date on the status of my data recovery. I really appreciate all that you've done for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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