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Data Recovery: - What once was highly regarded, amateurs have disgraced to deceptive simplicity.

It is unbelievable how many data recovery websites are on the internet once you search for “data recovery Ottawa”.  Some companies are outside of Ottawa. Some claiming 20+ years of experience. It makes me sick to my stomach when a simple domain search shows that the company is only 3 – 5 years old. How can one claim to be in business for 20+ years when the original domain name is just 3 – 5 years old?

I see more and more professional data recovery companies posting similar articles just to warn customers. Why we do that? It is simple: - in the end it is us who end up trying to fix those butchered quite often beyond recovery hard drives that were sent or taken to these shady places. The recoverability rate of these projects drops significantly together with a lot of sentimental photographs or critical business data.

Be careful who you deal with! This industry has become oversaturated with companies that would lure you with the flashy marketing slogans and fancy website templates. It takes way over 10 years to master the skill. It is a very unique skill that takes that long. This is not a business type where you buy and sell goods, which under good management can be quite successful. Data recovery service is a unique, skillful business that takes years and years to learn and master. It is like a good watchmaker that is the only one in the city who can do certain watches. Same thing here – this is not a type of a business that can grow fast and deliver same results as a business with 10+ years of professional data recovery experience.

At least once a year we write a note of a similar character: be careful who you trust your data with!

Data recovery is not something that can be done several times on one Hard Drive, SSD or RAID. Please see this article on our website at
Most data recovery projects can only be done once, as once the drive has failed, quite often it may only be revived just one time to get access and recover data successfully. Trusting your data to someone who decided to try their luck in this extremely complex industry is something that is left to the client to decide. Clients may not know, however, that it takes many years to become a professional data recovery specialist. It is unfortunate that this sophisticated industry has become so diluted that it is hard for a client to judge who is real and who isn’t.

Last week I took my time and called around a couple of places as if I was a potential customer. It was a very stressful and unpleasant to learn that these “fly-by-night’ers feed you with complete nonsense, using all sorts of technical terminology that an average client wants to hear, yet, the person on the phone has absolutely no idea what data recovery is. If they got lucky using one or two “twenty dollar” applications in the past to transfer some data from a potentially failing drive, that doesn’t make them data recovery professionals; unfortunately, that’s the sales speech they sell you over the phone.

Their goal is not your data. Their goal is the quantity of projects they are able to lure into their basket.  They make money on diagnostics, and those who don’t charge a diagnostic fee hope that the actual project is going to be easy, so they can make their extra $200 – $300. And if it’s not successful, they simply don’t care that the only chance to recover the only copy of those sentimental photos of your family is now gone forever. For those same easy projects, we only charge $179 or—if the drive is accessible—it’s free, as this is not even data recovery – it is data transfer.

Call around. Ask questions. Research the company. Don’t be sold by the look of a fancy website. It costs $60 to buy a modern website template and build a website. We have seen our competition (if I may call it that way) stealing feedback from our website and posting it on theirs, and by mistake, they even forgot to remove Capital Data Recovery Inc from it.
Click on and put the company domain name. That will tell you how old the company is. This is the first step to take.   You will see something like this:
In this example, you can see that our domain name was created when we say it was created, which is 2004.

data recovery domain check 

In addition, you have to research the history, because someone may simply buy an old domain name that wasn’t previously “attached” to any company. Here is how you do that:

Navigate to and type a domain of a company you are researching, for example: and click lookup.  Now, check and compare others. You will be very surprised.

Check all those who are paying Google Adwords, and check those who only receive your drive and ship it to a real data recovery company in another city or country, but do not have an actual local data recovery lab in the city they claim to do business.

Do you want your drive to be shipped out? Do you know how “careful” the shipping process is? Will that cause more harm than good? These are just a couple of hints.

I will withdraw from directly pointing out those 7-8 companies advertising data recovery in Ottawa that should never touch a hard drive due to their incompetency. Some of them buy Google Ads (Adwords) to “catch a client” and grab whatever they can to cover the advertising cost and some. Some manage to get into the Google Local search for data recovery while being outside of Ottawa.

I can only warn you—and, hopefully, this can make your life easier when selecting and trusting your data to real data recovery professionals.   I feel terrible when a devastated customer walks into our recovery lab after being lured by one of those “quick fixer” companies, and their hard drive is now beyond any possible data recovery, because that company or individual had simply destroyed it by NOT knowing what real data recovery is. 

Best of luck in your research. This article is written with intention to not advertise our company, but to help a client make the right choice when looking for a data recovery company they want to trust.

Karen Khachaturov
Capital Data Recovery Inc

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