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What to do if you encountered a data loss or hard drive crush situation?

faqIf you have recognized the situation where you lost your word documents, pictures or any other valuable data, or your system became unstable, or you see an error message “Boot sector not found or hard disk failure”, we suggest you turning off the computer power immediately, and contacting us at 613-225-7870 or using our toll-free number 1-888-307-3676. Our engineers will provide you with an emergency advice.

What are the causes of data loss in hard drives?

Here are just some causes of data loss that will give you a general idea:
 Boot failures
 Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC error
 I/O error
 Inaccessible drives and partitions
 BIOS error
 Formatted partition
 Partition corruption
 NTFS, FAT, FAT32 corruption
 HFS, HFS+ corruption
 EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 corruption
 Bad sectors
 Virus attack
 Corrupted files
 Hard drive noise
 Hard drive clicking
 Accidentally deleted files
 Hard drive component failure

Universal Magic Tool to recover data. Myth or reality?

Unfortunately, there is no such device on earth. Clients always ask if it's possible to take the disk platters and read them somewhere using some miracle machine. No, it's not, and if anyone tells you the opposite - run away! Neither us, nor any other data recovery company or anyone else is able to do that. Hard drive is a very complex device. Data recovery can be compared to a brain surgery of a human. Yes, it is that complicated. When drives need to be opened for mechanical work, we turn into doctors and start the surgery.
Hard drives are unique and there is no such tool or device that can read all hard drives. A hard drive which was made a month later than yours may not be fully compatible with your drive and therefore parts can not be used in that drive. That may cause fatal results and the hard disk can be permanently damaged. Companies that are not experienced in data recovery risk losing client's data forever due to an error or mistake they may not know about.
There are several hard drive manufacturers and it's not a secret that they all compete with each other hiding design ideas, read/write methods, etc. What they do and how they design their drives is a secret to another company. That means that each manufactured brand of hard drive is different from another brand. Different design, different firmware, different electronics, different everything. There will be no such tool that will be able to read data from just any hard drive's platter simply because hard drives are not the same.
When there is a mechanical issue, we source parts for your hard drive. Everything has to match from the model number to the firmware revision. This is why data recovery can get so expensive, as sourcing donors (or parts drives) can be pricey. We do not make any profit on parts. We charge clients for data recovery only. Depending on the hard drive and its rareness, parts may get pricey, and sometime we need to buy not just one donor in order to recover the data from your hard drive. This is what we or any other data recovery company would pay to the companies that stock hard drives, and it doesn't matter where the client goes - we all buy from the same suppliers.
Some people tell - "we don't need the drive fixed, we just need the data". In order to recover the data, the hard drive has to be "temporarily" fixed, so we can access the sectors and retrieve the information. There is no other way to recover the files without fixing your hard drive first.

Can I recover lost files by myself?

You can TRY to recover data by yourself ONLY if you have had the data recovery software installed PRIOR to the data loss situation. However our engineers do not suggest you risk recovering data by yourself.
If you try installing any application after the data loss occurred you have a great risk never recovering your data, as by installing new software you might overwrite the area on the hard drive that contains your lost files.
Capital Data Recovery Inc. engineers use special equipment that can access the core of the hard drive and perform the proper diagnose and eventually fix the drive and recover the data.

Data Recovery Services by your favorite computer store?

With all due respect to our fellow computer gurus, we still suggest you seeking help from a Professional Data Recovery Company that specializes in nothing but Data Recovery!
Having said that, we would like to ask you to look at the illustration below and understand risks involved in taking your hard drive or other media to a non-specialized data recovery place.

risks in data recovery

This illustration explains the probability of a successful data recovery of your failed media. We are not mentioning 4th or 5th recovery attempts as it is very rate when anything can be recovered after someone had already "tried" recovering your data for you.
This illustration applies not just to PC shops, but to other "non-so-professional" data recovery companies that are there online with fancy websites and fake client testimonials.

Why trust your media to us?

Our clients often ask why they should come to us or why we are better than others?

We appreciate real competition. It is clients' choice to pick a company they prefer and trust.

We are a proud data recovery company:

 We do nothing but data recovery. It's our specialization. This is what we know. This is what we are best at.
 We have been in business since 2004. Experience speaks for itself.
 Frequent trainings & Research and Development keep our team on par with the latest technology.
 We develop recovery techniques, consult and help other data recovery companies.
 We invest into data recovery technology and keep our labs up to date with all the latest State-Of-The-Art equipment and clean rooms.
 We have a team that knows data recovery inside out.
 We have an unbeatable success rate of way over 90% due to full dedication to each case we receive.
 We offer exceptional customer service and 100% satisfaction!
 We are the members of Better Business Bureau.
 We are the members of High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA).
 We are the members of International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS).
 We treat your data as it was our own!
 We don't give up!
 We make people smile!

How much will it cost to recover my data?

Data recovery process can be very tricky. You never know how complex it is to recover the data. In some cases it takes just 30 minutes to an hour (USB flash drive), where in other situation that may take days or even weeks. This is why we diagnose the disk first, estimate the time of the successful data recovery, inform our customers and only after the price estimate is approved our engineers start working on the drive. Even if it takes a month to recover your drive, we will not give up. We have enough resources and tools to make sure your recovery is not interrupted. There are no blind promises and no hidden cost. We are open to our customers and our goal is not just to make money, but to help people!

What kind of hard drives does Capital Data Recovery Inc. support for data recovery services?

Capital Data Recovery Inc. supports all hard drive (HDD), solid state drive (SSD), flash media (Flash) manufacturers.
The technology we are using is unique and the engineering team of Capital Data Recovery Inc has been performing research of hard disk drives of all manufacturers to better understand the functionality of the drives and therefore to know what is the best way to recover the data with minimum or no data loss.

I forgot the password for my hard drive, what should I do?

Not a problem. Call Capital Data Recovery Inc. and our engineers will be happy to assist you. Password protected drives can also be recovered. You will have to sign a document authorizing Capital Data Recovery Inc. to deactivate the password protection and access the drive.

Does Capital Data Recovery Inc. keep my recovered data?

We will keep your data for a period of 5 days allowing you to safely copy or backup the recovered data. After 5 days our engineers will destroy the backup so the data can not be accessed anymore.

How can I be sure of confidentiality of my data?

Capital Data Recovery Inc. welcomes signing a non-disclosure agreement with its customers.
After we recover your drive, and you confirm the successful restore of you data, Capital Data Recovery Inc. engineers will use special high security tools and applications to ensure the permanent deletion of your data from our backup drives.

I am in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver area. Can I send my drive to you for data recovery?

Capital Data Recovery Inc. is pleased to accept data recovery orders from all over North America & the rest of the world.

How to contact Capital Data Recovery Inc.?

Please refer to contact us page on our web site for contact and shipping information.

 we service clients throughout Canada and the United States

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| Kingston | Orillia | Huntsville | Muskoka | Woodbridge
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