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 Data recovery
 Data destruction
 Digital Forensics
 Hard drive cloning
 No data - no fee

 Professional data recovery services in Ottawa

Confidentiality is guaranteed

 Data recovery services we offer:

 Hard Drive, SSD Data Recovery
 RAID Recovery Service
 Mobile Phone Data Recovery
 Flash Memory Data Recovery
 Professional Backup Consulting & Installation
 Tape Recovery
 Hard Drive By Sector Cloning
 Hard Drive Wiping or Data Destruction
 Hard Drive Certification/Performance Check
 Computer & Mobile Forensic Investigations
 Professional Data Recovery Training

 We recover data from encrypted hard drives and SSD drives:

 PGP Whole Disk Encryption
 Apple FileFault
 PGP Endpoint Encryption
 McAfee Endpoint Protection
 Symantec Endpoint Protection
 SecureDoc Full Disk Encryption
 Sophos Safeguard Easy/Enterprise
 Pointsec Full Disk Encryption
 Self-Encrypting Hard Drives
 All Hardware Encrypted Drives
 We can dectypt and recover most Ransomware viruses

Whole Disk Encryption is not a problem.
At Capital Data Recovery we have successfully recovered encrypted media for individuals and businesses.

Have an encrypted drive? We can still save it.

Call our support line at 613-225-7870

 Does your Home or Business Insurance cover your recovery?
All hard drives fail. It is just a matter of time. Capital Data Recovery has the experience, equipment and parts to repair your hard drive and recover your valuable files.

We have been successfully working very closely with a number of Insurance companies delivering recovered data to our customers.

Regardless of the make, type and model of the digital storage device, they all are susceptible to logical, electrical and mechanical failures over the lifetime.

Most storage devices come with manufacture warranty that will provide you with a new/refurbished unit if the device fails during warranty period. Product warranties do not cover data loss or any costs associated with recovery of your lost data.
However, you may be eligible to have data recovery services covered if you have:

 Business / Office insurance
 Home / Renters insurance
 PPOC Membership (Professional Photographers Of Canada)

Business insurance coverage comes in a variety of different packages to meet your specific needs. Many business insurance policies will include one or more of the following coverages: Intellectual Property Coverage, Interruption of Business Coverage, and Electronic Data Loss Coverage.
If your business suffered an unexpected data loss, data recovery services might be covered under one of the above-mentioned clauses.

For home owners, electronic data recovery coverage might be included in home insurance policy or can be added as optional feature.

Check with your insurance broker to verify extent of your coverage. If you have adequate coverage for data recovery services, Capital Data Recovery will work directly with your insurer on retrieving your lost data and delivering it to you in a safe and timely manner.

If your business has experienced a crash or computer failure, or if you have lost sensitive data on your home computer such as pictures of your wedding, children, family, contact us immediately.

Do not attempt to recover the data yourself, as you risk losing information that can only be recovered by professionals using specialized equipment.

 Capital Data Recovery guarantees:
 Free Evaluation - Non-Urgent service*
 Most evaluations are completed within 24-48 hours
 Customer Satisfaction
 Customer Confidentiality
 Fast Turnaround
 No recovery - no charge policy
 We can recover data from:
 Boot failures
 Inaccessible drives and partitions
 BIOS error
 Formatted partition
 Partition corruption
 NTFS corruption
 FAT corruption
 FAT32 corruption
 HFS corruption
 HFS+ corruption
 EXT4 corruption
 EXT3 corruption
 Bad sectors
 Virus attack
 Corrupted files
 Hard disk noise
 Accidentally deleted files
 Component failure

 Possible error messages you may see on your screen:
 Boot Error Press F1 to Retry
 BOOT: Couldn't find NTLDR, Please insert another disk
 Disk Boot Error, Replace and Strike Key to Retry
 Cyclic Redundancy Check Error
 Error reading drive C:
 Western Digital My Passport Not Recognized
 Hard Disk Failure
 Hard Disk Controller Failure
 HDD Controller Failure
 Invalid Media Type
 Missing Operating System
 No Fixed Disk Present
 Non-System disk or disk error, Replace and strike any key when ready
 No ROM Basic
 Non-System Disk or Disk Error

 We recover data from any operating systems:
 Windows NT/2000/XP/7/8/10
 Windows 95/98/Me
 DOS/Windows 3.x
 Mac OSx
 We can recover corrupted and damaged files, such as:

 Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
 Word (.doc, .docx)
 Power Point (.ppt; .pptx)
 MS Backup (.bkf)
 Access (.mdb)
 Outlook (.pst)
 Outlook (.ost)
 Outlook Express (.dbx)
 Exchange Private Folders Priv.edb (.edb)
 Exchange Public Folders Pub.edb (.edb)
 Zip files (.zip), Rar files (.rar)
 Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
 Quickbooks files
 Sage Accounting

 ... or the entire drive

 We can recover data from any hard disk drives:
 3.5" SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS drives
 2.5" Laptop drives
 1.8" Laptop drives
 USB external drives
 WD My Book & WD My Book Duo
 WD Elements
 WD My Passport
 Seagate External drives
 RAID 0 - Striped disk array
 RAID 1 - Mirroring and duplexing
 RAID 2 - Error-correcting coding
 RAID 3 - Bit-interleaved parity
 RAID 4 - Dedicated parity drive
 RAID 5 - Block interleaved distributed parity
 RAID 6 - Independent data disks with double parity
 RAID 7 - Adds caching to levels 3 or 4
 RAID 0+1 - High data transfer performance
 RAID 10 - High reliability combined with high performance
 RAID 50 - High I/O rates and data transfer performance
 RAID S - EMC striped parity RAID system
 NAS (Network Attached Storage)
 SAN (Storage Area Network)

 The process:
Confidentiality is guaranteed You deliver, or courier, your media to our closest location.

 Our engineers perform the diagnostics; usually within 24-48 hours.

 You are provided a quote, so you know the cost to recover your data before we proceed.

 We recover your files usually within 2-4 days, and then return them back to you on the media of your choice.

 Your recovered data is stored for 5 days to ensure you safely backup your data.

Capital Data Recovery Inc will sign non-disclosure agreements with any customer.

No hidden charges! Our billing department works closely with our engineers throughout the entire cost estimation process of your project. If for some reason our engineers are unable to recover your information, you will not be charged.
If the job is an easy fix – you will only pay $179 data transfer fee.

We do it right the fist time, minimizing the risks, keeping the cost down, and saving your files.

 Confidentiality is guaranteed
 We offer three service levels for data recovery:
 Emergency (instant evaluation; recovery starts immediately)
 Standard (24-48 hr priority evaluation; recovery starts upon approval)
 Non-Urgent (4-5 days free evaluation*; recovery starts upon approval)
 we service clients throughout Canada and the United States
Ottawa | Kanata | Gatineau | Hull | Montreal | Toronto
Quebec | Mississauga | Calgary | Edmonton | Winnipeg
Hamilton | Barrie | Kitchener | Vancouver
 quick contacts
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