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 About Capital Data Recovery Inc


Our success rate and industry leading knowledge of Hard Drive, RAID, Flash Memory and Mobile Phones architecture has established Capital Data Recovery Inc as one of North America's leading data recovery companies. We are certified data recovery and forensic professionals with over 15 years of experience.

With our industry leading, Class-100 fully equipped data recovery laboratories in Ottawa, Montreal, Barrie, Meridian, San Jose we offer data recovery services across the entire North America.

With proudly earned accreditations and certifications in the data recovery industry. For years, our data recovery services have been trusted by the individuals, government organizations, universities throughout North America, computer stores, small businesses and enterprises, and other data recovery companies.

We are constantly investing in new data recovery technologies to ensure we provide our customers state-of-the-art solutions.

We have successfully recovered hard disks declared unrecoverable by other data recovery companies.


Finding a company dedicated to performing high quality services is becoming a rare occurrence.

We are the most referred to data recovery lab in Ottawa area. We have achieved highest success rates due to our knowledge, dedication, great results and superb customer service. Read our reviews to learn more.
We have no paid advertising. Most of our clients come to us through the word-of-mouth.
We support local businesses by offering best rates, fast turnarounds and 100% dedication.
We believe in quality and not quantity. We are stubborn when it comes to getting the work done.

We have actual recovery labs in Ottawa and other cities, not virtual receiving depots where your drive starts its shipping journey to the sorting warehouse and then to the subcontracting recovery shop somewhere in Toronto, USA or Europe.
We meet you personally. We deal with “Mike and Kathy”, and not with “Project 2398”. We explain the process, we show the results, we shake hands. We make you happy. And if you happened to stop by and have a cup of coffee with us or bring another project 5 years later – we will remember your name. We offer personalized service. Many of our clients become our friends. This is how we believe a good business should operate.

At Capital Data Recovery, we have been continuously developing and improving our custom recovery tools that are used in our data recovery labs. Further, we have been providing data recovery consulting to other data recovery companies not only in North America but all across the globe as well.

Most of our engineers took part in developing the data recovery tools, and therefore have a comprehensive understanding of the process and the technicalities running behind it.
Training a data recovery specialist can be a lengthy experience. It takes several years to provide the adequate level of training to ensure the safety and confidence needed to provide the best data recovery service possible. Add to that the maintaining data recovery equipment, sustaining and expanding facilities, and investing into R&D.

Choosing the right data recovery provider is the first essential task to be performed. Unlike perishable goods, the service determines the future and outcome of your company’s performance if need be. It is not a lapsing service, and requires thought and investment on your behalf. Cheaper, is almost never better.

The strategy of Capital Data Recovery is to do our best to provide customers with the highest level of service possible while maintaining lower recovery rates.

At Capital Data Recovery, we believe in the “right price for the right job”. An easy task will be quoted on a minimal scale, and a more extensive one requires a higher reimbursement, as expected.

We have been in the data recovery business since 2004, and are proud to proclaim that we have never had a single negative feedback directed towards our services. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop amicable relationships with our clients and retain them. We are called upon for tasks that fall beyond the realm of our advertised services as our clients feel trust and confidence when approaching us.
We boast such relationships as our primary asset and thus a reward on its own.

Please visit our testimonials page to read what our customers say about us and our services.


 we service clients throughout Canada and the United States

Ottawa | Gatineau | Hull | Montreal | Toronto | Quebec | Vancouver
| Kingston | Orillia | Huntsville | Muskoka | Woodbridge
| Mississauga | Victoria | Windsor | Oshawa | Saskatoon
| Edmonton | Winnipeg | Hamilton | Barrie | Kitchener

 quick contacts
Ottawa area
Tel: 613-225-7870
Toll Free: 1-888-307-3676

Montreal area
Tel: 1-888-307-3676

Toronto area
Toll Free: 1-888-307-3676

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